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Liré 2021 - La Turmelière
Dun-sur-Meuse 2021 - The ramparts
Abbaye du Bec-Hellouin 2021
Le Lude 2021 - The broodmare
Montreuil-sur-Mer 2021 - The ramparts
La citadelle de Lille 2021
Bagnes des Îles-du-Salut, Guyane 2021
Lazarets 1 - La Réunion

Registration is now available for 2024!

Do not hesitate to browse our site or our social networks to better know each site and choose the one that suits you best!


We are looking for a team leader during the second campaign for the training worksite of Gaillon

Fixed-term contract which can be followed by a permanent contract after assessment

Prise de poste mi-avril 2024
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For volunteers and historical monuments wor


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+33 1 43 35 15 51 


Every year the association organises heritage restoration worksites. 

Volunteers worksites  take place during spring or summer holidays, while training worksites and integration worksites last several months of the year. 

The association organises workshops aimed among others at primary schools so as to make them discover medieval heritage.

They are introductions to calligraphy, mosaic, stone cutting, model making.

The consultancy office of the association aims notably at making preliminary files for the worksites.

ABOUT 2023...


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(participation rate in the survey : 61 %)

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