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Heritage education allows different actors and especially youngsters to discover medieval art and construction in a playful way.

Workshops are organised to teach calligraphy, stone cutting, mosaic, modelling or stained glass.

Those worksops are also proposed during the European Heritage Days.

These actions are carried out in multiple settings: schools, associations, local authorities, state public institutions etc., in metropolitan France and overseas. The association sets them up at the request of these organizations.

They can be dedicated to children as well as adults..

They are supported by the Regional Directorates of Cultural Affairs (DRAC), local authorities, the Departmental Directorates of Social Cohesion (DDCS) and the Regional Directorates of Youth, Sports and Social Cohesion (DRJSCS). 



The practice of a workshop develops over one or more sessions. These workshops can be related to the school programs of history, French, plastic arts etc. or in the form of awakening activities. 
These educational workshops are carried out at the request of schools or leisure associations, particularly in the context of the adjustment of school rhythms or other.

medieval calligraphy

By 5 years old 

Introduction to a chosen writing

Making of an illuminated letter and a short text


stone cutting

By 4 years old

Introduction to traditional methods and tools

Making of a small piece



By 3 years old

Reproduction of the drawing on paper

Setting of the mosaic

Filling of the joints



By 5 years old

Making of a monument

Introduction to traditional construction methods

Making of medieval or Renaissance façades models


stained glass

By 5 years old

Introduction to the art of stained glass

Reproduction of a stained glass with painting



European Heritage Day is a great opportunity to make people aware of heritage and its stakes.


Educational workshops are organized in mainland France and overseas territories. Dependind on the requests and management, those may be calligraphy, stone cutting... The aim is to show an amateur audience how heritage restoration takes place, how it is organized, its difficulties... 


On the 15th and 16th of september 2018, the association C.H.A.M was at Rambouillet (Bergerie nationale de Rambouillet) to participate to their Agriculture and Heritage days. 

Diverse workshops and guided tours were set ; we organised medieval calligraphy and mosaïc workshops. 


In 2017, the association was invited to set up educational workshops in the Ministry of Culture (Rue de Valois, Paris).

The workshops were centered on the theme "Youth and Heritage". We initiated the audience to mosaïcs and medieval calligraphy. 

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