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C.H.A.M Association 


THE Comoros

Ujumbe palace, Mutsamudu

C.H.A.M association was contacted by the Republics of Zimbabwe and Tanzania in the context of restoration campaigns of two sites inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage list : Khami and Kilwa. Several worksites took place between 2002 and 2006. In 2005 a worksite was set up in South Africa. Moreover for five years now the association has been studying and restoring the Ujumbe palace of Mutsamudu in the Comoros. 

We try to promote restoration and conservation of built heritage as well as volunteering. The aim is to allow a local management of those sites. Besides, the association hosts volunteers from abroad on the mainland worksites to help develop heritage protection. Indeed since 2001 C.H.A.M has hosted heritage professionals from Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Mozambique. 

During these actions we make sure to imply local populations in the projects, especially young people, so our actions become sustainable. We work with State services in charge of heritage and with local authorities as well as with the UNESCO. 

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