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cASTLE OF gaillon


 Eure, Normandie region, 15th-20th century

"Historical monuments" worksite

20th of october - 1st of november 2024

  The town of Gaillon was a border territory, disputed throughout the Middle Ages, between the Duchy of Normandy and the Kingdom of France, a first ducal castle is already attested in the eleventh century. The site was attached to the crown of France by a treaty in 1195; it then passed into the hands of various owners before being sold in the 13th century by King Louis IX to the archbishop of Rouen, who made it a summer residence. But the conflicts between the kingdoms of France and England resumed and the castle was again put in a state of siege and defense; its demolition was finally ordered in 1424 by the Duke of Bedford.

The current castle was built on these ruins from 1455 onwards by the archbishop of Rouen, who wanted to build an Italian palace. He thus made Gaillon the first Renaissance castle in France. Gaillon was embellished and enlarged over the years, then sold during the Revolution.

It became in turn a detention center (1812-1901), a garrison barracks and military training center (1901-1925) before being bought in 1970 by the State, which has since committed to restore and revive the castle.

This building was declared a Historical Monument by decree in 1862, followed by the gardens in 1965.


2 missions of the UNS (Universal National Service) available 

Introduction to stone cutting on the buttresses of the retaining wall of the high gardens

Creating a draft of the building project

Cutting and laying of stones

Indoor accommodations

Gîte Le Petit Moulin

1 rue Saint-Anselme


 SNCF railway station of Brionne

where a vehicle of the association will pick you up

Time of arrival : Sunday 20th of october

A stonecutter and a technician from the association

185 euros of full pension + 30 euros in annual contribution

Open to individuals over the age of 16


Registration for one week minimum

  • Bec-Hellouin MH 2016
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