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Worksites are places of work where, in the interest of the monument and safety, a specific organization must be respected by all participants. Worksites don't last long, which implies a 6 hours (more or less) daily work - but leisure and resting times are not forgotten. 

You will find below the conditions of your participation and the organization of daily life on the worksite, as well as your responsibilities and the association's ones. 

Download here the waybills to the worksites

Conditions of participation to volunteers worksites

  • Being at least 16 years old (except for some projects)

!! For "Historical monuments" worksites and training course worksites, you must be at least  17 years old  (18 years old for  "La citadelle de Lille" worksite) !!

  • Being in an good physical condition

  • Being motivated to save and restore old monuments

  • Willing to be integrated to a collective project

  • Knowing some basic French


Schedule : 

  • Monday to Friday : 9am to 5pm, work on the worksite

  • Weekend : leisure time (cultural tours and sports activities)

  • Evenings : free time at the housing site (games etc.)


Housing and mealtimes :

In the summer participants are generally housed in tents. Those are provided by the association. The association also provides all collective furnitures (camp beds, furniture, cattering material). However, the participants can bring their own tent if they wish so.

  • The partners of C.H.A.M association provide a kitchen, a bathroom, and sanitary for volunteers.

  • The staff is in charge of logistic and health care.

  • The participants are in charge of preparing the meals and maintaining the housing.

Personal belongings to bring : 

The association does not provide any individual furniture. Participants must bring :

  • The European Health Insurance Card

  • A sleeping bag

  • A pneumatic or floor mat if the housing is in tents

  • Toiletries

  • Safety shoes (or hiking shoes)

  • Convenient clothing for worksites (sturdy clothes such as jeans, t-shirts...), clothing for rainy and hot weathers.


Please note that we strongly recommand not to bring valuable objects

Dangerous objects are forbidden on the worksites.
Pets are not allowed because of hygiene and safety rules.


Duration of the stay

The dates indicated on our website are those of opening and closing of the worksites. 

Enrolment for the whole stay is not mandatory, except for "Historical Monuments" worksites and training courses worksites.
However, you must enrol for at least 2 consecutive weeks


So as to make the organization easier, you must arrive during the week, from Monday to Friday. Please make sure you indicate the dates you have chosen on the enrolment form. 

Mutual responsibilities

  • The participants take in charge their transport fees to come to the worksite and to leave it.

  • During the worksite all participants are insured with the MAIF (Mutuelle d'Assurance des Instituteurs de France). The participants are under the association's responsibility once they have paid their fees. However, participants must keep their personal insurance during the duration of the worksite.

  • Participants under 18 must also necessarily provide a parental authorization with their enrolment.

Consuming alcohol or drugs is absolutely forbidden during the whole saty. In case of non repect of this rule or for any other reason that would compromise the safety, or collective living, the staff in charge will stop the volunteer's stay. 

Of course in case of under aged participants the parents or legal mentor would be warned firsthand. 

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