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civic serice


What is the Civic Service ?

It is a French state provision created in 2010 for French people aged 16 to 25. It is a volunteer commitment dedicated to general interest and community life. Volunteers are financially helped by the Sate. 

For more information, check out the national agency's website : l'Agence du service civique.

Making a Civic Service with the C.H.A.M association

The missions proposed are dedicated to youngsters wishing to act concretely for heritage. They consist in participating to volunteer worksites and training worksites as well as educational workshops. 

The commitment may be of 6, 8 or 10 months. Volunteers may have two different assignments : 

  • On training worksites. In that case the volunteers usually live close to the site and they accomplish a mission of general interest for the region. Indeed they help saving, restoring and valuing local heritage. 

  • In the office of the national delegation (Paris). The volunteers then participate to the life of the association : creation of files (programming and assessment of the worksites, first studies of new sites), preparation and follow-up of the worksites, actions of communications (leaflets, posters, website...), participation to the worksites... They come from very diverse fields (architecture, literature, history, art history, media...). The civic service allows them to complete their formation or start a reorientation effectively.




The association may recruit at the national delegation as well as on the worksites. Hence the researched profile differs depending on the job :

  • At the national délégation : architect, building archéologist, communication professional, constable 


  • On the worksites : mason, stone mason, carpenter. It may concern jobs of shift supervisor or worksite director, in mainland France or overseas territories.


Summer worksites are overseen by employees of the association but we also work with volunteer seasonal activity leaders. C.H.A.M may also help you validate your diploma in activity leading (BAFA). 

For more information, contact us by e-mail par mail or by phone : +331 43 35 15 51. 

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