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save our heritage
Become supportive member or benefactor

C.H.A.M association is dependent on the money entrusted by ministries and patrons. Indeed it is a non-profit making association and it cannot ensure alone its mission. If you wish to, you may be part of this effort and helping us by becoming a supportive or benefactor member of C.H.A.M. 

To do so you just need to fill and send us the form below with a cheque made out to Association C.H.A.M" ; the amount must be of at least 20€ for supportive members and 80€ for benefactors. 

As soon as we receive this we send you back a payment certificate. 

Moreover, you may help us with physical donations : materials, stocking space, stationery...any help will be useful and will allow us to go further on in the saving and promotion of heritage ! 

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