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le bec-hellouin


 Normandy region, 11th-18th centuries

Volunteers worksite

28th july - 16th august 2024

  Notre-Dame du Bec Abbey was founded in 1034 and it very quickly became an important place for benedictine influence. After the 1789 French Revolution it was abandoned and then used as a military installation. A new monastic order arrived in 1948 and has been there since.

Classified Historical Monument in 2008

Restoration of the roofing of an annex building

Withdrawal of the actual roofing

Repairing of the frame

Installation of a new roofing (tiles)

Accomodation in tents

Notre-Dame du Bec abbey


Brionne train station

A vehicle from the association will pick up the participants

Time of arrival : Sunday 28th of july in the afternoon

A stone mason from the association

285 euros full-board accomodation + 30 euros annual subscription

16 years old minimum

You must enrol for at least a week

  • Bec-Hellouin MH 2016
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