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ujumbe palace,


19th century

Anjouan Island, The Comoros

Cooperation worksite


dates to be defined

training worksite

The Ujumbe is located in the very centre of the medina of Mutsamudu, just in front of the mosque. It used to be Mutsamudu's sultans' palace, built in 1786 and abandoned in 1909. It was in a worrying shape before the C.H.A.M started working on it to give it back its former appearance. Despite its bad shape though, some wooden decorated elements were still in place, as well as ornaments and ornate moucharabiehs on the façades.

Restoration of the frame

Withdrawal of damaged beams and setting of new one

Treatment of the beams against insects

Wood grafting

Restoration of the façades

Masonry work on the façades ; restitution of decorative friezes

Application of coating

The worksite is supported by the Comorian Ministry of Education and Culture and the Comoros Heritage Group (Collectif du Patrimoine des Comores), with a partnership with the Comorian National Centre for Documentation and Research (Centre National de Documentation et de Recherche Scientifique).

  • Union des Comores 2016

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