clothilde (21 years old)

Volunteer in Liré and le Lude (2020)

I took part in two worksites this summer with C.H.A.M. The first one was in the small town of Liré, and the second one was near the Lude castle. I did theses worksites because of my studies (I have to do an internship to pass my year). This experience allowed me to discover many techniques used to restore historical monuments such as removing old plaster. I have to admit that doing this worksite also allowed to meet many incredible people, to participate to some cool activities on the week-end and to laugh a lot with my new friends!


I can conclude by saying that participate to a C.H.A.M worksite was totally a beautiful life experience for me!

Clara (18 years old)

Volunteer in le Lude (2020)

I wanted to participate to a C.H.A.M worksite because of my curiosity about historical monuments. I can say that I was absolutely not disappointed by this experience! According to me, these three weeks as a volunteer on the Lude worksite were extremely rewarding. I have learned how to use a concrete mixer, remove and apply plaster. Moreover, we have participated to some “theory explanations” in order to complete our knowledge in architectural vocabulary.


I also can say that this experience offered me the occasion to make me some great friends that I have planned to see in Paris. I loved the weekend activities and the things that we used to do on the evening after diner.


I highly recommend C.H.A.M worksites, it is a great experience on several levels.

inès (19 years old)

Volunteer in Montépilloy (2019)

« Montépilloy worksite was a very enriching experience for me, both on a technical and human points of view. I spend a lot of time on my computer so I discovered the association on the Internet ; I was looking for a nice occupation for August and I already had volunteering actions for heritage in mind so I ended up finding CHAM association. I was allured right away by the easyness of the subscription. On all other sites I had searched the form was unclear whereas it is all well explained on CHAM website.


While I had no experience of collective life and camping I surprisingly enjoyed this way of life. I have met nice persons during the stay, some of them I am still in touch with today.

For all these good things I will not hesitate to go to another worksite as soon as I get the occasion, with the same staff if it is possible !

victor (23 years old)

Volunteer in Montépilloy (2019)

« A very enriching experience on the cultural and social points of view ; everything went well with a unified team and very pedagogic staff members. I recommend this experience. »

élora (19 years old)

Volunteer in Montépilloy (2019)

« Montépilloy worksite was a first for me given the unbelievable experience it is ; it will certainly not be my last worksite with the CHAM ! I knew nothing about construction or restoration techniques on medieval buildings so I went there with a slight apprehension but the staff team stopped my doubts right away. Indeed they were always present and patient to explain us how to do and we learnt a lot of things ; it made me want to keep participating to heritage conservation in the future ! Besides, community life went very well and we had great times during the activities on weekends or evenings after the worksite. This experience also allowed to stay in touch with people I met there and whom I really love now. Thanks a lot to the association for it allowed me to live a very enriching experience, n both technical and human aspects. »

ulric (28 years old)

Volunteer in Liré and Le Bec-Hellouin (2019)

« This summer I participated to my two first volunteers worksites, in Liré and Le Bec-Hellouin. They were very different worksites so they were very enriching to me. In Liré I discovered how to wihdraw joints and how to make a coating with natural lime, to restore the castle's little chapel as it used to be done. I also learnt measurement surveying on a façade and masonry on a law wall. In Le Bec-Hellouin I discovered covering techniques on a small building of the abbey and reproduced some activities from Liré in a different context. Working for medieval heritage restoration is very rewarding, we fell we are doing something useful and lasting. Besides, I really enjoyed respecting old techniques as far as possible. Moreover, teamworking makes all activities very lively. Camp life is nice, we cook and wash the dishes (less funny!) together, we play games and make visits on free time. You musn't be incomfortable with heat on the worksite and you should also have a good sleeping bag to resist cold nights..but it is part of the experience ! Anyway, I don't regret it. »

Armonie (17 years old)

Volunteer in Liré (2019)

« I participated to Liré volunteers worksite and I really enjoyed the experience. I can hardly find anything negative with a wonderful ambience that was present from the moment I arrived and during my two weeks, without getting any weaker along the worksite. I have been welcomed with big smiles righ away and it was easy for me to fit in. I liked the autonomy and independence we are given during the stay, both on the worksite and on the camp. What I remember of the stay is that it is an experience that is to be done and done again...if you are ready to give it all on the worksite of course. As to the staff, it is good, it was extraordinary indeed. They were funny (really very funny) and they really showed and transmitted to us their passion for heritage and good work. But they were also there for us to help us when needed. Conclusion it was AWESOME (completely objectively of course). »

Émilien (18 years old)

Volunteer in Albas (2018)

From the 9th of July to the 27th I participated to the "Historical Monuments" worksite of Albas (Lot, Occitanie region). It was my first participation with this association and I don't regret it. In a pleasant place and with a limited but united group ... an unforgettable time ! I had already participated to worksites with other associations and I can confirm that it is a formative time. 

Whether you are keen on history or just want to volunteer, I would advise to anyone who is motivated to participate to a worksite.

Dominic (26 years old)

Volunteer in Lille (2018)

The worksite was simply great, very instructive. It gives a real practical experience in restoration and a good look into conservation issues. It is an irreplaceable experience including in the field of art history. Proposing a practical training course is particularly attractive as it lacks in many formations. 

Clémence (19 years old)

Volunteer in Lille (2018)

This experience has been very enriching ! I learnt about different professions : stone cutting, masonry... It was very gratifying to participate to the restoration of a historical monument. 

The staff was very nice. They taught me a lot about the citadel's history and about their jobs. 

It was a real human and professional experience ! Thanks again to C.H.A.M for making me discover the world of historical restoration.

Laurine (24 years old)

Civic Service volunteer (2017-2018)

I did my Civic service at the national delegation office of the association during 11 months and it was a great experience for me ! After two bachelors in art history and German I still had no real idea as to what master to do. So I decided to take a year off with the Civic service. Being keen on local heritage I started my adventure with the association.  

I had multiple roles in the office : I participated to restoration worksites as a member of staff and I also made technical files. I also played an important part into communication and outreach and mediation actions. The diversity of my tasks allowed me to understand how an association works and how historical monuments are restored. The association was very welcoming by the first day and supported me all along my adventure with them. They listened to my ideas and let me free to try many things. 


Worksite experiences were the most significant to me, when it comes to understanding and using restoration techniques as well as meeting new people - volunteers, cities' representatives...

It also convinced me to continue my studies in the field of communication and art outreachs and to actively imply in the valuing of local heritage. Volunteering with the Civic service allows you to have a more practical experience than in the academic field and to meet professionals. 

Louise (25 years old)

Civic Service Volunteer (2018)

During six months I had the opportunity to spend my Civic service at C.H.A.M association. It was an enriching experience, on both professional and human aspects. I learnt a lot about restoration techniques, always in a great vibe and good mood. I worked both at the national delegation and on worksites.

Célia (25 years old)

Civic Service volunteer (2017-2018)

I worked with the association as a Civic service volunteer. I participated to very diverse projects and discovered many things about architecture and construction techniques as well as communication and cultural mediation.

t was a very enriching experience that allowed me to change my professional orientation after my literature studies. I was able to discover the different professions linked to heritage and cultural mediation. 

Moreover the association allowed me to experience both office work and worksite which was very interesting too. As I am no manual work person I didn't know what to expect but I really enjoyed being on the two worksites I participated to. I learnt the necessary techniques but also teamworking and team leading. The ambience really seduced me !

Clément (17 years old)

Volunteer at Entremont (2017)

I had a very nice stay with the association.

The place was pleasant. Thanks to this worksite I was able to learn the basics of masonry but I also realized a team project with other young people : helping each other is very important on the worksites. It allowed me to bond friendship ties with nice people.  

This experience allowed me to broaden my culture and learn about the history of the monument we worked on.

Besides I thought the amount of work was quite well distributed between days of work dand days of leisure time on weekends with outings organized.

I strongly recommand the CHAM worksites to young people who are interested and motivated by History.

David (17 years old)

I took part in two worksites so I am only a novice compared to others.


What I can testify is that taking part in the association C.H.A.M is an awesome experience. Restoring old buildings is something you don't do everyday and it changes from usual holyday activities. 

I am far away from my parents and they are freed from me, what else could we ask for?! 

I can also add that doing a worksite gets you aware of safety and of the fact that working on ancient buildings may by risky. You have the responsibility not to endanger anyone and to do a good job with the team. 

Moreover, it is pleasant to share this experience with people your age, whether they come from different regions or even different countries. There may be a little tension sometimes with some people but there is always a common ground that brings a solution.  

Sharing those experiences brings mutual respect and new bonds.

We are directed by adults who are sometimes very young and with whom it is easy to create bonds and get along with. They are professionals who take care of us, help us and give us advice.

It was a pleasure for me to do this type of activity because it allowed me to do some manual work, way more than in school ! It was an apprenticeship in renovation and construction as we had to disassemble and then put back up some buildings that were in a too poor condition so as to solve their problems. 

But still we are on holyday and it is not only about work ! We enjoy the breaks and leisure times, we cook ourselves two by two, and we can enjoy the evenings as we want (card games, board games, movies...).

Weekends are even better : sight-seeing, hiking, shopping... different activities are organized by the association. 

All this to say it is a great experience you have to try at least once ! It makes you travel and see things you wouldn't have seen otherwise, do unusual activities, meet different people. 


It has engraved in me an unforgettable mark and memory.  

Anthime (17 years old)

The activities on the worksite are very diverse, they allow us to deal with many things, to work with erverybody. It takes coordination and cooperation but after a few days you get organized with your team workers. During the weekends the activities are very diverse too: both educational (tours to learn about local history of the region) and recreational (tours to the beach, games). You never have time to get bored!

Sometimes the showers are cold, sometimes it get colds at night, sometimes the person with you in your room doesn’t speak the same language as you do, sometimes this person rolls onto you during the night, sometimes waking up in the morning is quite rough, sometimes the tasks on the worksite are a bit arid… but the experience you live in return makes you forget all these little drawbacks very quickly!

I have very good memories et I have made good friends, with whom I have stayed in touch since then.

Aurélia (21 years old)

Civic Service Volunteer at the national delegation (2016-2017)

After academic studies the Civic Service happens to be a good complement to the theoretical courses, all the while developing your sense of human relationships. 

Besides it allowed me to acquire both an appropriate architectural vocabulary and a good sense of observation on buildings. 

Didier (18 years old)

Civic Service volunteer on the worksite of Montreuil-sur-Mer (2016-2017)

I already had a masonry diploma and the Civic Service with the CHAM allowed me to develop my abilities, especially concerning bricks.

It is also very interesting to work on ancient monuments.

Amélie (24 years old)

Civic Service volunteer (2016)

I did my Civic Service in the Guyanese delegation of the association. It is an unique experience, that allowed me to develop my abilities in restoring old buildings as well as my taste for travels. 

I am now settled in Guyana where I work in Historical Monuments restoration.

Louis (25 years old)

Civic Service volunteer (2016)

Enrolling for a Civic Service with the CHAM is a great opportunity to take a plunge into professional activity. For 8 months I have been alternating worksites sessions and office work. 

The directors of the association trusted me right away and gave me responsibilities. This formative experience confirms the choice I had made to work in the field of heritage. 

Malo (17 years old)

After the two worksites I worked on, I can say it was awesome! During three weeks there is no time to get bored between the works, the preparing of the meals, the activities, the tours on the weekend… After a hard day of work it’s always nice to go back to the chalet for a good shower and a good sleep in your bed. Bounds tie up with the rest of the rest of the group, we share interests, discover new things, new points of view… Sometimes when a stone falls down or when it rains you may feel a little down, but then you roll up your sleeves, you take your tools and it starts up again!

As to the weekends, we are invited for tree climbing, visits of local museums and sites, we hike in the mountain, enjoy the cities around…

It is an unforgettable experience, whether you chose to go or your parents sent you ; everyone can have fun and enjoy it!

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