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Commanderie templière de coudrie, Challans 

Vendée, Pays de la Loire region, 13th century



7th - 26th of july 2024

  Founded in the late 1120s by the Knights Templar, the Commanderie  Templière de Coudrie quickly became an important agricultural and religious site. When the order was disolved it was recovered by the Knights Hospitaller, who continued its development, before the latter was stopped by the religious civil wars and then the conflicts born from the Revolution. It was then sold and passed on to various individuals, farmers, until its purchase by the municipality of Challans in 1993.

This building was declared a Historical Monument by decree in 1995 (chapel and  land parcel).

Conservation and restoration of the chapel and the fence-wall

Restauration of the building's stonework: removal of plaster, removal and resumption of masonry case by case, repointing.

Indoor accommodations

MFR/CFA Val de Lognes
7 rue du Bocage
44650 LEGE

SNCF railway station of Challans

Where a vehicle of the association will pick up the participants

Time of arrival : sunday 7th of july, during the afternoon

Two technicians from the association

295 euros of full pension + 30 euros in annual cotisation

Open to individuals over the age of 16

Registration for one week minimum

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