participation fees

They correspond to the annual membership fee and the boarding fees.

They must be sent to the national bureau : 5-7 rue Guillemint, 75014 Paris. More informations about how to enrol on this page.

Fees may be paid either by check or bank transfer (documents needed will be sent to you on your demand).

1. Membership fee

For a year : 30 €

It is mandatory to confirm the enrolment.

It guarantees the individual insurance on the worksite. It is valid until the 31st of October of the current year.

2. Boarding fee

For volunteers worksites : 225



For "Historical Monuments" worksites : 140 

Your boarding fees correspond to your food, accomodation and spare-time activities for 15 days ; beyond those 15 days the worksite becomes free ! 

Don't forget : if you pay one worksite you have free access to any other worksite of the year (your boarding fees are offered) ! 

If you interrupt your stay in case of absolute necessity, we will pay you back the excess payment of pension fees. You will have to make a written request and send it to the adress indicated above from September on. In any other case, no paying back will be possible.

Cancelling your stay

01 43 35 15 51

5-7 rue Guilleminot, 75014 Paris

N° de Siret : 330 083 320 00029

Code APE : 9499Z

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