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le bec-hellouin,

11th-18th centuries

Listed Historical Monument in 2008

Normandy region

training worksite

 10 months

4th march 2019 > 3rd december 2019

This permanent worksite concerns volunteers of the Civic Service

  Notre-Dame du Bec Abbey was founded in 1034 and it very quickly became an important place for benedictine influence. After the 1789 French Revolution it is abandoned in ruins and then used as a military place. A new monastic order arrives in 1948 and has been there since.

Conservation, stabilization et restoration of the walls and diverse buildings

                         Plants removal, cleaning and pointing of joints

                         Masonry, repointing

                         Stone dressing and laying

Making of an opening in a closing wall

Restoration of the roofing of an annex building

16 years old minimum

  • Bec-Hellouin école 2016

The association ensures technical and educational management.


The regional service for cultural affairs and historical monuments conservation (Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles - Conservation Régionale des Monuments Historiques de Normandie) is a partner of this action, as the monument belongs to the State.

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