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Saint-Joseph Island and Royale Island


French Guyana, 19th century

training worksite

annual intervention

Salvation's Islands are componed of three islands : Royale, Saint Joseph, Devil's Island. They are lcoated off the coast of Kourou. The French prison authorities establish one the hardest penal colony in the world in 1854 on those islands. The current owner of the place, the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES), started restoring, preserving and valuing this painful but major historical heritage a few years ago. 

Listed "Historical Monument" in 2012

Restoration of diverse buildings : retaining walls, stairs, openings

Plants removal, masonry cleaning

Masonry work, stone work

NB : This worksite concerns Guyanese people only

This worksite is supported by the CNES, the Guyana office for Cultural Business (DAC)

and the Foundation for Heritage (Fondation du Patrimoine)

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