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   Overseas territories wish to save their heritage and highlight their culture. C.H.A.M association acts at the request of the State, of local authorities or local associations.

Depending on local needs, the association sets different types of worksites : training worksites, integration worksites, expertise missions...

C.H.A.M association has four overseas offices :  




reunion island -

indian ocean


new-calédonia - 

south pacific ocean


french guyana



Operations in Guyana started in 2010. They took place on buildings linked to the colonial era and penal colonies, first on abandoned houses that belong to the French coastal conservation agency (Artur and Loyola houses, in Rémire-Montjoly, Cayenne) then on the Salvation's Islands.

Those interventions were organised with local associations in the filds of archeology or social integration. They also had the financial support of State services (for youth, health, sports, culture and heritage) and of the CNES (National Centre for Spatial Studies). 

     Phone :  +594 (0)6 96 32 31 17

     E-mail :

Salvation's islands penal colony

Saint Joseph Island, Royale Island





past actions
artur house



Artur 8 nov 2010 (2).JPG
loyola house


2011 - 2013

bell tower of the church of ilet-la-Mer penal colony


June - August 2016


reunion island - indian ocean










In 1989 C.H.A.M acts at the request of the ministry of Culture, starting the first action out of mainland France. The aims of the associaiton there are the same as on the former worksites, but with an extra care for social and professional integration. 

The aim is to make Reunion people aware of the richness of their heritage and to help them preserve it. 

The Reunion office does not only work on the island and worksites took place in the following places :

     Regional contact : Mr Kahlid CASSAM SULLIMAN


     25, rue Mahé - La Mare97 438 SAINTE MARIE - Ile de La Réunion

     Phone : +262 (0)2 62 53 27 98

     Fax : +262 (0)2 62 53 14 69

     E-mail :

la Pointe-au-sel saltworks

Saint-Leu, 20th century

2015 - 2016

February - April 2018

Lazaret n°2

Saint-Denis, 20th century

December 2016 - November 2017

11 months in 2018

past actions
Villèle museum


2013 - 2014

Villèle stables and sugar refinery
sugar refinery



2011 - 2014



In the 1990s the association organised training worksites for technical and educational activity leaders. They took place mostly in Guadaloupe and were supported by local State services for youth, sports and culture. 

In 2009, the French coastal conservation agency requested the association to restore the suger refinery of Anse Couleuvre in Martinique. C.H.A.M then worked with a local associaiton dedicated to social and professional integration. 

In 2011 a second action was engaged on the suger refinery of Fond Moulin, Grand Rivière, in northern Martinique. It was a training worksite organised with civic service volunteers. 

     7, avenue Condorcet

     97 200 FORT DE FRANCE - Martinique

     E-mail :

past actions
Little pottery

Le Marin


February - September 2014

fond Moulin

Grand Rivière

January - March 2013


new-CALeDONIa - south pacific ocean

35, rue Jean Ohlen
VDC - 98800 Nouméa - Nouvelle Calédonie 
E-mail :

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