Our project in France Metropole

CHAM’s French heritage conservation activities are of three main types :


  • youth volunteer projects
  • «Historic Monuments» and training sessions
  • work-training projects


Youth volunteer projects

They gather together twenty or more young people motivated to work on the restoration of a heritage site for periods of 2 to 4 weeks. Their work involves masonry, stone-cutting, site clearing, led by trained and experienced CHAM project officers. As well as work, these projects involve group life and discovery of the local area. Each year CHAM organises around a dozen such projects in metropolitan France.

"Historic Monuments" and training sessions

Along with the Architecture and Heritage section of the French Ministry of Culture, CHAM co-organises around three or five of these volunteers sessions yearly. They aim to train young volunteers to conservation and restoration technics. these sessions include pratical conservation work led by professionals as well as theoretical modules on historic monuments, legislative framework or upgrading and secure public areas.

This project could be the subject of a end-of-year internship with training agreement

Work "school" projects

They involve unemployed people or young people in civilian service over periods of several months or longer. They offer training in restoration techniques, as well as work experience in general. The aim is to facilitate the social and professional integration of this beginner or disadvantaged group of people.

CHAM also organises training sessions for its project co-ordinators and “heritage classes” for primary and secondary schoolchildren. Among other activities linked to reviving and enlivening historic sites, CHAM coordinates guided tours, exhibitions and publications on historical architecture and techniques.