CHAM is officially recognised by three French ministries

  • Culture and Communication Ministry
  • Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civil Society
  • Education Ministry

Its projects are also supported by the French

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Ministry of Social and Sanitary Affairs

Our projects in are set up in partnership with

  • The sites’ owners - local authorities (municipalities) or NGO’s
  • French regional and county councils

We also work with

  • Registered Historic Monuments Architects,
  • registered Historic Monuments building firms,
  • the French Heritage Foundation,
  • the French youth information centre network, schools,
  • universities,
  • vocational training schools,
  • other youth and culture NGOs…

For our projects abroad we cooperate with

  • Government institutions and organisations responsible for heritage,
  • French Embassies’ Culture and Cooperation Services
  • the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO –World Heritage Centre and cluster offices),
  • local and regional public authorities

CHAM is member of ICOMOS