On most of our sites accommodation consists simply of camping facilities. The association has tents, but volunteers who have their own camping equipment are welcome to bring it.
Ancient monuments cannot always allow comfortable accommodation in buildings nor the facilities of city life, but there are always showers and toilets, decent, if basic, sleeping arrangements and cooking facilities.


The association does not provide any personal equipment, but essentially group equipment (tents, furniture and kitchen equipment).
Volunteers should bring their own sleeping bags and working clothes and, if camping, a compact sleeping mat.
Food is bought by CHAM and meals are prepared by volunteers in turns.
Animals are not allowed, for hygiene reasons.


The dates indicated are sites' opening and closing dates. For summer camps there is no obligation to enrol for the whole period proposed, but you must register for at least 2 weeks (experience has shown this the minimum necessary to adapt oneself to on-site and group life). However, for the "Stages Monuments Historiques" you must attend the whole period.
Please indicate your chosen dates on the registration form.


The organisation does not take care of travel to and from the sites - volunteers are fully liable and responsible for their travel.
On-site volunteers are insured through our organisation for accidents and civil liability during their stay, but volunteers must organise and pay their own health insurance (E111 form for EU, private health insurance for others) and personal medical expenses.
Volunteers under 18 years old must provide parental consent for registration.
The site director is entitled to send away a non-compliant volunteer for reasons of security and respect of community life. Of course, parents (or legal guardians) of such a volunteer under 18 would be informed if such an event occurred.