1. What are the summer camp's hours?

Usually over 6 to 8 hours a day, but this may vary depending on weather condtions, fatigue level of the group or any relevant reason decided by the site director in charge of the session.

2. What if a volunteer does have specific food requirements ? vegetarian, allergies ...

We try to do our best to accommodate every single specific need. As food is bought by CHAM and prepare by the volunteers themselves, it is usually easy to manage provided we are made aware in advance.

3. Is any skill or knowledge required to apply ?

volunteers need to be over 16 years old and be motivated with works that involves masonery, stone-cutting, site clearing, excavations...Your outfit need to be adapt with the work you're doing to do. But other than that no specific skills or training is required.

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4. What is the minimum and maximum age required to enroll in a summer session?

You can enroll by the age of 16 but volunteers under 18 must provide parental consent for registration.
The site director is entitled to send away a non-compliant volunteer for reasons of security and respect of community life. Of course, parents (or legal guardians) of the volunteer under 18 would be informed if such an event occurred.
There is no maximum age.

6. How long can I stay in summer camp ?

For summer camps there is no obligation to enroll for the whole period proposed, but you must register at least for 2 weeks (experience has shown that this 2 weeks are the minimum to adapt yourself into a group life).
When you are in France, if you want to stay more than 2 weeks, it's free of charge.