Just as for French overseas territories, CHAM recognises the importance of solidarity with other countries and over the past years has been active in the development of heritage partnership projects in Africa.
African heritage includes some outstanding historical sites, witnesses to a rich past and to the accomplishments of flourishing civilisations. Unfortunately these sites are often neglected and their monuments deteriorated. A principal causative factor is the shortage in trained and skilled workers to restore, protect and maintain African architectural heritage.

Therefore the national monuments authorities of the Republic of Zimbabwe and the United Republic of Tanzania have requested CHAM’s help in their restoration programmes for two UNESCO world heritage sites.Six volunteer conservation projects have already been successfully carried out on the Khami National Monument in Zimbabwe. CHAM worked on a work training project at Kilwa in Tanzania from 2002 to 2005.

In 2005, a first experimental volunteer camp took place in South Africa..

Using knowledge and experience gained through its French metropolitan and overseas activities, CHAM seeks to transmit know-how in conservation volunteer projects and heritage training, whilst remaining aware of the need to adapt itself to each country’s local context. It thus hopes to contribute towards capacity-building in heritage restoration and maintenance, and to promote heritage volunteering concepts and practices. Through the inclusion of volunteers from neighbouring countries too, CHAM aims for these projects to become regional and inter-regional training programmes. Heritage professionals from Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Tanzania have been hosted on “Historical Monuments” training sessions in France since 2001 and CHAM hopes to develop such initiatives in future years.

CHAM plays special attention to local community involvement, especially that of young people, so that its activities are part of a sustainable development process. It works in partnership with state heritage services, as well as local authorities. UNESCO, through its regional offices and its cultural advisor, is a special partner in these African heritage partnership projects. Both projects presented are strongly supported by the French embassies’ cooperation and culture services. In order to extend and develop such operations in the future, CHAM intends to attract the patronage and corporate philanthropy of foundations and businesses.

Moreover, CHAM will open, in 2017, Three new international training session. CHAM will open, in 2017, Three new international training session. The first one, is following on from 2016 session in the Anjouan Island (Union of the Comores) for the restauration of the Mutsamudu sultans' palace (Ujumbe). The two last ones, will take place in the port town of Levuka (Fiji archipelago) (UNESCO) and in the Malekula Island (Vanuatu archipelago).


N.B. these heritage partnership projects are for local volunteers and experts in the field of heritage conservation. Being part of an overseas development training programme, they cannot be opened to young volunteers with little or no experience.

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